The ABC of Subbacultcha

How does the Subbacultcha community define the everyday, the extraordinary, and everything in between?

For the ABC of Subbacultcha, we invited members to join us in creating a collective encyclopedia of the past 12 months. Together, we share a glimpse of our world: our most treasured visual definitions and the stories behind them. Each work serves as the representation of a concept chosen by the creative, shown through their eyes and hands. By sharing information, ideas and diverse perspectives, we formulate an expansive visual encyclopedia.

Reflect on Subbacultcha’s encyclopedic experience, in which everyone with an image, artwork, pen or idea came together to share their view of the past year.

A major focus of this presentation is accessibility. To join us in this project, participants didn’t need a formal art education, past exhibiting experience or even physical work itself. Instead, we wanted all creatives with any image to participate, opening up the museum space.

In efforts to further provide opportunities for people with creative interests, we are joining SMAK in their collaboration with TAJO and donating the profits of the publication to the organisation. TAJO is motivated by the idea that only those who get opportunities can grab them. They work to offer young people opportunities and future perspectives that they may not otherwise encounter.

In collaboration with S.M.A.K. & zwartopwit



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Where do you go to look for new music and art? For the curious in Belgium, our bimonthly print magazine packed with carefully selected recommendations on emerging artists is the perfect IRL antidote to the stressful digital search. Just the right amount of text and astoundingly good photography, the perfect weekend reading material to keep up.

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