Tessa Van Thielen – ice, waterfall

Some count the moments while driving. ‘Ice, waterfall’ is one of those images taken while on a pointless drive. Bet you are familiar with this feeling? Being on the road and amazed. There is this one-second thought process connected to one important question: should I stop the car? The answer is always yes. As Tessa stood next to my parked vehicle, with only a busy road between me these icy shapes, shaping patterns, Tessa couldn’t do anything but just stand still.


This artwork is selected by Subbacultcha team member Kasper-Jan. “For me this work shows how exceptional nature can be. A simple yet powerful picture.”

Printed by Zwartopwit.be on Alu 3mm (“Dibond”): an aluminium composite with an inner core of PE and 2-sided white lacquered aluminium.


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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 26.52 × 40 cm