Sofie Devriendt – Isola Bella, 2019

Looking only at the photo, it evokes silence, rest, a little boy sleeping on an empty ferry boat. In reality, the boy was sleeping amidst the sound of the water crashing against the boat. People chatting away outside, birds circling around the boat and chirping even louder. Sofie finds it interesting how a photo directs the eye and evokes a feeling that can be perpendicular to reality.


This artwork is selected by Jill Verhaeghe and Clara-Lane Lens. Jill: “I chose this image because it embodies the endless hazy in-between state we’ve all been stuck in since the pandemic hit. The eternal mountains remind us of how small of a fraction of existence it is we’re experiencing. Slowly the waves of time carry us from one experience to the next and we can only pause by dozing off into another wave, another time.”. Clara-Lane: “This image reminds me of this very specific feeling that sometimes sneaks up on you while travelling alone. This one beautiful, melancholic moment that you can only share with your own thoughts. The moment that forces you to appreciate rarity by yourself.”.


Printed by on Alu 3mm (“Dibond”): an aluminium composite with an inner core of PE and 2-sided white lacquered aluminium.

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Dimensions 30 × 37.49 cm