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Lisa Gautama – Klomp klei ben ik’, 2021.

The work is part of a project, ‘Mijn armen zijn schoorstenen’, in which Lisa researches the heritage of language and representation. She blends her poems, drawings, and photographs, searching for a hybrid collision between the three. Can photography become choreographical, sculptural, drawing-like, can a poem become an image? Can borders between media dissolve like borders dissolve for the migrated, for gender, sexuality, for labels? In the work, she answers with her body, which becomes a carrier of words and symbols, deformable as clay.


This artwork is selected by Subbacultcha team member Astrid. “Despite the multiple images, Lisa’s work exudes a kind of minimalism, in my opinion. I’m a fan of how exposed (literally and figuratively) it is but at the same time very anonymous.”


Printed by Zwartopwit.be on Alu 3mm (“Dibond”): an aluminium composite with an inner core of PE and 2-sided white lacquered aluminium.


Out of stock

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 28 × 42 cm