Antoine Dechambre – Beyond Reach: a Photographic Eulogy for Days of Freedom

The photo series Beyond Reach was created during last year’s lockdown. This body of work is about all these places that are beyond reach, either physically or metaphorically. At first, Antoine wanted to keep it only about the locations that have been forced to temporarily shut down during the lockdown but later decided to extend it to other places that have been closed for a longer time. Lost paradises such as endless construction sites and places in which access is forbidden, missing, or hidden became the recurring points of focus for this photographic hauntology. It seeks to depict our deserted reality as brief glimpses into not-so-distant parallel universes. Both optimistic and pessimistic in nature, there is this longing for past carelessness and this conviction that brighter days are ahead despite the two being beyond reach as of now.


This artwork is selected by Geran Knol. “The crooked fence almost tilts the composition and at the same time, the light also gives it a picturesque quality.”


Printed by on Alu 3mm (“Dibond”): an aluminium composite with an inner core of PE and 2-sided white lacquered aluminium.


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Dimensions 37.34 × 30.00 cm